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Sponsor a Student

To sponsor one student's academic/boarding fees costs about PKR 3,000/month (i.e. approximately US$30/month.)

IISI students are religious seminary students who are simultaneously undergoing modern education (federal school board in Pakistan). This is a unique cause, and such a system needs protection and help. It is a key need of the Muslim society to have a class of Ulama (scholars) with a strong foundation in religious education as well as a basic awareness of modern sciences/subjects.

We need your help.

Sponsor a Meal

This list shows the cost of the IISI kitchen (free meals for students). It shows the cost of food items as well as kitchen staff. Please note that at the moment it only has 'daal'/'lentils'/'pulses' in the menu. No meat/chicken etc is served regularly.

Sponsor a Teacher

The approximate cost of one teacher at IISI is about PKR 15,000/month (i.e. approximately US$ 150/month).

The faculty has 53 Teachers, and their dedication and commitment to this cause needs active support. This need is increased given especially that salaries (though meager) can often not be paid due to shortage of funds.

Sponsor a Building

IISI has unfinished worthy projects that need generous support.

- The IISI Masjid is unfinished, even after over a decade. This is used as prayer hall, class room as well as an auditorium. Image drawings and cost plans can be seen here.

- The IISI Academic Block is being extended to cater to the needs of the student community. This project has been divided into 48 pillars. Each pillar needs generous support. To commit one pillar would need PKR 50,000(i.e. approximately US$ 600 only).

Plans for front elevation, ground floor, and first floor and second floor plans can be viewed here.

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