Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact IISI for more information or donations etc?

Please use the contact information on the right side of the Home page.

What is the financial situation of IISI?

IISI is a unique institute by the sole grace of Almighty Allah because for over 20 years, it has demonstrated that it is possible to merge religious and modern education under a system. This has required tremendous focus from faculty, staff and administrators on academics. IISI is presently running a high deficit each month. Faculty salaries often have to be postponed, quality of boarder students' meals has deteriorated, some key infrastructure projects have had to be shelved; questions are being raised about this system's survival. IISI accounts are audited by reputed third party firms regularly. May Allah Almighty allow us to continue playing our role in advancing understanding of his religion.

What is the demographic of the student body?

Students come from different parts of the country, and sometimes abroad. They are from different ethnic backgrounds, and there is no discrimination. Although attracted by the unique religion+modern education model, some well to do families are also sending their sons (government officers, doctors, politicians, businessmen), but the majority come from small villages, with financially poor family backgrounds.

Are students sent by their guardians by force?

This can best be assessed by visiting IISI. The fact that the over whelming majority of students is here by choice, and has grown to love their institute is evident to a visitor. Part of the credit goes to the teaching philosophy, which values the role of students tremendously. IISI teachers undergo teacher training, time management etc seminars to keep enhancing their mentoring skills. Mutual respect is a major norm for the IISI community.

Do students remain weak in one academic area?

This is the basic assumption that IISI's model has challenged; with Allah Almighty's grace, with proper planning, and through the commitment of teachers and students, over 20 years, IISI's results have shown that graduates excel in both Religious (which is the prime discipline) and Modern (Federal Board results of IISI speak for themselves. Plus a recommendation by Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Maulana Rafi Usmani on the Home page shows his valuable confidence in the system. Please also see the Academic page) studies.

What do students do after graduation?

Please see the Alumni page. Having both Dars-e-Nizami and B.A. degrees, they have many options open to them. Their key objective however remains serving the religion of Allah.

How do I know my donation will be well utilized?

IISI is annually audited rigorously by neutral, well reputed accounting firms. Any and all questions/information is welcome (see the Home page for contact information).

How can I help this cause?

Please contact us (see information on the Home page) for more information. You can help by raising awareness about IISI's unique model. Financial needs of the madrassa are listed on the Donations page. The account information is below:

Donation Account

Title: Institute of Islamic Sciences, Islamabad

Account #:   0651-0010002243610016

Bank: Allied Bank Ltd (ABL), Bhara Kahu, Islamabad

Swift Code: ABPAPKKA

IIS Phone number (Mobile): +92 301 563 1757

Land line:                   +92 51 2166005

                                  +92 51 2166006

                                  +92 51 2166007

                                  +92 51 2166008

Fax Number:              +92 51 280 7190

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